Can I change my cohort at any time? 

If you want to CHANGE your cohort BEFORE the festival begins, this must be done by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No requests for changes will be made over the phone.

You may REQUEST changes, however, switching to another cohort requires available space. If that one is fully booked, you may be put on a waiting list. We will do all we can to accommodate your request. 

Once the festival starts, do I have to remain with my cohort? 

While we prefer that you do, you may choose to do your own thing. However, if you do, you will not be admitted to private property and your admission to fee-based sites will not be paid.

Cohort leaders/guides will have a list of registered participants and admission fees for only those people on their roster, to places where admission fees are required or have been negotiated.

During the festival, we understand you may want to “go your own way” based upon butterfly sightings, rare bird alerts, etc.  Chances are others in your cohort (including your guides) may want to do the same. For this reason, we ask for your best communication, cooperation and flexibility—and we will extend the same. 

May I request special meals for lunch and dinner? 

Lunch selections are meat (beef or pork), poultry (chicken or turkey) and vegetarian.  Those are the only options we are able to offer. If you are gluten-sensitive, vegan, kosher-only, or on a restricted diet, we must suggest you bring your own meals.

We don’t have catering nailed down for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, yet, but will post information as soon as we do. We always request caterers prepare at least 30% of their offerings as vegetarian, and many prepare items that MAY BE gluten-free, kosher and so forth; however, we apologize we cannot guarantee to meet the needs of anyone on a restricted diet for health or other reasons. 

How much walking will be required on my field trip? 

All of the field trips involve a significant amount of walking. Some will be short walks that are fairly easy, as may be possible at the National Butterfly Center; others may be more vigorous. Cohort guides will be prepared to “divide and conquer” destinations that may present mobility challenges, so registrants have some options in the field.  

Can you tell me exactly where we will be going at what time so I can schedule my arrival/departure? 

Unfortunately, we cannot. All trips and destinations are subject to change, and your trip leaders have broad discretion over your schedule. As stated repeatedly on the Texas Butterfly Festival website, EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE based upon the scouting your trip leaders will do prior to your arrival.

Please note: Nearly all air travel to the Rio Grande Valley involves a connection through Houston or Dallas. Both are high-traffic airports in cities known for travel delays. We recommend scheduling your travel so you have a buffer, lest delays result in missed days/activities…

We recommend WEDNESDAY departures (or later) as every year we have “chase” butterflies.  Record U.S. sightings and ultra-rarities appear during (or right after) the festival, which takes place the week before the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, this year.

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